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We would encourage anyone who wants to demonstrate their support for the proposed Fulbeck Airfield Wind Farm to make their views known.

If you wish to support our proposal then the easiest way to do so is by following the link below to South Kesteven District Council's webpage for the Fulbeck Airfield Planning Application, filling in your details and submitting your comments. The process only takes a couple of minutes.

Some example reasons for supporting the application might be:

- The proposed wind farm has been subject to a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment process. None of the environmental effects that have been identified would in my view outweigh the benefits of the development.

- The wind farm would deliver significant benefits through (a) the generation of renewable energy, (b) the provision of a community benefit fund, (c) local economic benefits during construction, (d) the retention of business rates by the local authority which can help to provide local services.

- The wind farm would be appropriate in scale in relation to host landscape character.

- The site is a large brownfield site and its re-use to generate renewable energy would be a good idea.

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